Sharing Our Big Personal Secret & Shrawan Henna !!

Hi guys. Hope all of you are doing well and having great summer . I definitely have some news to share this time and lots of you guys know already from my social media post . Yes me and husband we are over the moon and grateful,and blessed that we are going to be parents for first time . It is taking me a lot of courage to finally be able to share this wonderful news with all of you guys and its right time to share with u guys as I m closer now to see My lil one.I have been quite busy planning and organizing for our new one lately and finally got some time to be in touch with u guys . I would be posting lil bit more about my journey and pregnancy so far in my next post .So guys shrawan is here . To all my Nepalese girls out there Happy Shrawan And for those who are not aware of this let me give you a short description about it. Shrawan is the fourth month in the Nepali Hindu calendar. The month is also observed as a Holy month amongst the Hindu population in Nepal, India and all over the world. The month is considered highly auspicious as it is devoted to great Lord Shiva, the supreme god in Hindu religion. Every Monday of the month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is worshipped by offering milk and other submissions. The month holds higher significance to Hindu women as they fast on every Monday in worship of Lord Shiva. Young Nepalese women fast on Mondays of this month wishing for a great husband while the married women fast praying for long lives of their husband.

Women dress in red attire and wear green yellow bangles, which are considered very auspicious for the month. They also put tattoos of henna (Mehendi) on their hands. Henna is a small flowering shrub that has many uses. The fragrant flowers are used to create perfume, and the leaves are dried and then turned into a fine powder that’s used for dying clothes, hair and temporarily dying the skin — hence henna tattooing. 

     Talking About Henna tattoo you guys might know already till now I am really big Into Doodle and arts and my other passion beside makeup . Since I was Small I used to see people doing henna tattoo on others and learned doing henna looking at others. .Every year shrawan I try to do once henna on me . So to celebrate this fasting Monday I did henna tattoo on myself. Whenever I do henna tattoo I try to prepare all my stuffs from scratch like refining the henna powder, making paste, henna cones and henna design. I will prepare all this stuff a day prior to henna .Few tips on henna if you are planning to do one soon, always make sure to keep henna on palms for at least 3 -4 hrs and try not to wash your hand on same day. Henna stains will become dark when you try avoiding water and keeping your hands warm. Hope you guys will like it and may your henna stain get darkerJ.

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