Parisian Voyage

Bonjour Paris! I am so happy and overwhelmed that I got chance to explore this beautiful city of love Paris. Paris, the city of love and one of the most romantic places in the world. Last week hubby and me we went for short vacay to Paris and London. After getting to Paris I had a little romance with the city itself. Without spending a minute we started exploring city, our first stop was Eiffel Tower. Indeed, our hotel is jus 5 min away from Eiffel tower. We had this amazing view glaring Eiffel tower, which totally stole my heart away .

       Eiffel tower is the famous symbol of love.   We did the ride to top of the tower and view was breathtaking.Our next trip was museum de louvre , place where you can see the great da vinci monalisa painting, and all the ancient art from roman and around the world. If you are in paris these are must places to visit Musee d’Orsay,Eiffel Tower,Musee du Louvre,Notre Dame Cathedral,Luxembourg Gardens,Sainte-Chapelle,

Palais Garnier – Opera National de Paris,Arc de Triomphe,River Seine,PontAlexandre III,moulin rouge,love locks bridge. These were the places we visited in this short week . I can probably say now that there isn’t any other city like paris in world and I would love to come back again to this mesmerizing city of love .

   It would be fair to say that food is my main focus when I travel.  Even before my flights and hotels are booked, I usually have a list of foods I want to try and restaurant reservations I need to make.  But because I usually I don’t have nearly enough time to try everything on my list, I’ve learned to prioritize.  I try to experience foods that can only be found in whatever location I am in or maybe they are just done the best there.  I want to eat things that allow me to take in the moment and remind my taste buds there is no where else in the world I could have that experience.

   Paris is one of the most challenging cities to prioritize. There are so many things to eat in Paris that it would take years to be able to experience them all.  While overwhelming, it’s good to go in with some sort of a plan otherwise you may miss out on favorites and end up eating mediocre .Every place we went to eat we had best ever experience and food was piece of art. My favorite food was duck foiegras, any meat in conffie, and offcourse the pastries in paris . We had pastries like twice a day every day in paris . And who cant forget to go to the best macaroon place in paris , ladure ( jus love it ).

My last thing to do in this city was shoppin. Arc de triumph is the shopping street stretched miles in paris with all the boutique stores. I guess I was fully satisfied in this week and cant wait to come back again .

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